Leanne Roderick

Social Sciences Teaching Fellow (Politics)


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BAH, Queen's University
MA, University of British Columbia
PhD, Queen's University

Leanne is an interdisciplinary scholar specializing in governance, consumer finance, capitalism, and big data technologies.  Her work is relevant to the disciplines of international political economy (IPE) and international relations (IR), sociology, and human geography.  Informed by critical theory, her research and publications explore various aspects of finance while retaining a special focus on its gendered, racial, and class-based causes and effects. Her current research projects focus empirically on digital infrastructures of consumer financial technology in the Global North and Global South.

In addition to political economy, Leanne has taught courses on the subjects of international relations, gender and politics, the politics of debt, democracy and justice, macroeconomics, and global politics in historical perspective. Leanne’s doctoral research on big data and consumer finance in contemporary capitalism was supported by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). While at Queen’s University, Leanne received the prestigious Alma Mater Society student-nominated Christopher Knapper Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her courses are designed to provoke critical thinking and facilitate an understanding of the social world that is political, historical, and cognizant of relations of power.

In her free time, Leanne can often be found playing on the shores of the Mamquam River with her young daughter, at the local climbing crag with her favourite ACMG-certified guide (who she happens to be married to), and reading cookbooks in lieu of novels.

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