Jennifer A. Kozak

Arts & Humanities Teaching Fellow

BA, University of Waterloo
MA, Western University
PhD, Western University

Jennifer recently joined Quest as a Teaching Fellow. Her doctoral research focused on International Service Learning (ISL), specifically how social interactions during short term ISL programs transform North American students’ identity and investment in learning Spanish as a foreign language.

Experiences with study abroad and ISL programs in Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean both as a student and as a facilitator, have inspired her interest in the impacts that international experiential learning programs have on both students and host communities.

Jen’s Master’s research in Hispanic Studies, also at Western University, examined the use of music and dance in Cuban literature while her undergraduate work in Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Waterloo focused more broadly on translation, literature, culture, and testimonial literature from Latin America and Spain.

Jen has coordinated study abroad programs, designed and coordinated international service learning programs, as well as cultural enrichment programs. She loves working with students and has won several teaching awards.

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