Ian Hoffman

Physical Sciences Tutor (Physics)


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BA, Astrophysics, Colgate University
MS, Physics, University of New Mexico
PhD, Physics, University of New Mexico

Ian was turned on to astrophysics by his piano teacher in middle school, who lent him a copy of Einstein’s Universe by Nigel Calder. A Brief History of Time was Ian’s second book on the subject, kindling a love for pulsar astronomy that eventually led him to graduate school.

He wrote his dissertation as a Grote Reber Fellow in Residence at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in New Mexico. He then worked designing and building linear particle accelerators for cancer therapy, and later as a laser spectroscopist on government contracts, before becoming an educator.

Prior to Quest, Ian was a physics professor at Wittenberg University in Ohio. He also worked as a science teacher, basketball coach, baseball coach, and residential adviser at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire.

Ian is an experimentalist, applying his science training to physics, astronomy, acoustics, pedagogy, and microeconomics. As part of his research, he has traveled to observatories in Spain, England, and Puerto Rico and he actively uses instruments in the Netherlands and the US.

Ian loves teaching his own three children at home, which includes aspiring to become a little bit better than an amateur as a musician, fiction author and husband.

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