Doug Munroe

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Social Sciences Tutor (Politics and Strategic Studies)


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BSocSc, University of Ottawa
MLitt., St. Andrews University
PhD, University of Calgary

Doug’s research is broadly focused on politics and strategic studies, including security policy, terrorism and counterterrorism, intelligence studies, political violence and strategic studies.

He worked in the Emergency Management and National Security Branch at the Department of Public Safety before his postgraduate studies. He currently teaches a range of courses, such as Global Perspectives, Politics of Cyberspace, Peacebuilding, Gender/Politics, Comparative Political Institutions, Canadian Political Strategy, and Topics in Security Studies.

Doug is an avid caver, rock climber and mountaineer. He is the provincial coordinator of the British Columbia Cave Rescue service. He has also at various times been a long-distance runner, a sailor and an amateur musician. In his 20s he lived in six cities on three continents, and he hopes to spend many years living and playing with his family in the shadow of The Chief.

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