Rachel Rendle

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

BA, Trinity Western University

Rachel is an experienced senior leader in her field with a proven track record in a variety of different professional settings. Her experience includes being at the forefront of immense growth managing logistics for an internationally renowned health and wellness brand. Taking what she learned from brand strategies into her next job, Rachel was able to direct an umbrella of 8 separate brands by implementing diverse and innovative marketing strategies. Moving into marketing within higher education at a private liberal arts university is key to her continued success as a marketing specialist.

Experienced in an abundance of marketing campaigns on many platforms whether it be social, film, or print, and is constantly aspiring to new ways of driving creativity within her high-performance teams.

Rachel is passionate about innovation in the field of marketing and strives to bring a fresh perspective to whatever professional endeavor she pursues. Highly collaborative and committed to top-caliber marketing deliverables. Building solid relationships built on trust and experience are two values that Rachel is dedicated to in order to achieve common goals.

To learn more about Rachel, view her Linkedin page.

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