Monica Rawlek Elizondo

Marketing Coordinator

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  • Where were you born?
    • Williams Lake, BC
  • Why are you excited to work at Quest?
    • Quest’s educational philosophy is truly innovative, and I feel as though we are in a unique position to hold higher education accountable to training students in a way that is relevant for the world in which we live.
  • Your best college memory?
    • In my third year of University, I flew to Thailand to attend a three-day conference at the United Nations right before the last day of classes and came back just in time for exams. It was one of the craziest experiences and opportunities that I have ever had!
  • One of your favourite books/movies, and why?
    • 1984 – it is both eerie but makes you think and has a striking number of parallels to today’s world.
  • Favourite restaurant?
    • Le Majestique in Montreal – it really has everything you could want; eclectic interior, great drinks, and some of the best food I’ve ever had in my entire life.
  • Favourite local activity?
    • Exploring the trails near my house going up the mountain or walking down to the ocean.
  • Advice for students?
    • Remember – your GPA doesn’t matter nearly as much as learning as much as possible and truly digging in to the things you’re passionate about
  • In ten years, you see yourself?
    • I don’t really know but I’m learning to be okay with that – I would love to be living in Europe working in something related to Human Rights but only time will tell.
  • Random fact about yourself?
    • Even though my dad was born in Squamish I had never been until I moved here to start at Quest!
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