A message from President Iwama

A message from President Iwama

Today I am writing to express my thanks and my solidarity as our community navigates an unprecedented public health challenge.

I know how difficult it is for students to move on short notice; for faculty to switch to online teaching; and for staff to find themselves confronted with more work even as they are told to leave campus. I am grateful for everyone’s commitment and efficiency.

In times like this, we are tested. At Quest, we talk about social justice and respect for others. We believe in community and altruism. Our students show this every day in the questions they ask, the paths they pursue, and the events they create. Staff and faculty show it in the subjects they study and teach, and the way they approach one another and everyone else.

Now we must show it in our response to COVID-19. Many university students are heathy and young. This is about something bigger than any individual person and family. It is about a healthcare system that, while imperfect, aims to be fair and treat those who are most vulnerable. It is about recognizing that you could harm others if you are not prudent. You can be contagious even without symptoms; the novel coronavirus spreads easily and hides well. It is about accepting discomfort and inconvenience for the sake of the greater good. For the sake of people whom you may not know at all. For the sake of the principles we all claim to believe in.

My thoughts are with you every hour of every day. I miss running into you on campus. I miss our impromptu chats as well as our scheduled face-to-face meetings. I remain as dedicated to Quest as ever. Leading this institution is one of the great rewards and joys of my long career.

Keep teaching, learning, studying and working. Things do not need to come to a standstill. We are a creative community, and we will come through this. We must simply adjust for a while.

Warm regards,


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