Mon Nov 6 2017

Nicole Hoffman: Seismology at Quest

4:30pm - 6:00pm


Nicole Hoffman: Seismology at Quest

Join Nicole Hoffman, as she speaks about Hot Topics in Science: Seismology at Quest

Location: Quest University | Academic 208

Contact if you have any questions.


Abstract: The Earth is noisy—earthquakes, explosions, rock slides, and even humans all generate seismic waves that travel throughout the Earth. The study of these waves provides a wealth of information about the subsurface and structure of the Earth, all the way down to the very core of the planet. With the development of inexpensive seismometers (instruments that measure and record ground motion), detecting seimic waves has become accesible for a large number of students, researchers, and citizen scientists.

As part of a student project, a Raspberry Shake seismometer has been recording seismic waves at Quest since June 2017. This presentation will provide some background information about seismology and how these seismic waves are detected. We will then take a look at the types of events that have been recorded at Quest, which include earthquakes related to the nearby Cascadia Subduction Zone, large distant earthquakes, mining in southern BC, construction blasting near campus, and even a nuclear test (not near campus).

The final part of this talk will focus on the performance of the Quest Shake. Using information from detections and non-detections, a classification model can be used to determine the sensitivity of the Shake, which is then compared to the given technical specifications.

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