Thu Oct 19 2017

Climate Change & Climate Impacts in the Squamish Region

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Squamish Public Library

Climate Change & Climate Impacts in the Squamish Region

Quest Lecture at Squamish Public Library
Thursday, October 19, 6:30-8:00pm

Climate Change and Climate Impacts in the Squamish Region

Presented by Dr. Ian Picketts, Physical Sciences Curriculum Coordinator at Quest University Canada

Climate change is a reality that individuals and communities must be aware of. Climate change has the potential to disrupt many systems that we rely upon (such as emergency response, agriculture, and transportation); however, with good planning, communities can prepare themselves for both positive and negative impacts, and also take a leadership role in lessening future effects on the climate. In the past 100 years Southwestern BC has gotten approximately 1.2°C warmer and 5% wetter, and model projections indicate that the region will continue to get warmer and wetter, with increases in precipitation occurring primarily in winter. These changes will have many impacts on natural and human systems. In this presentation Dr. Picketts will talk about some of these impacts, what they may mean for Squamish, and how we can prepare for them.

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