Quest University Canada is Canada’s first independent, not-for-profit, secular university. Quest offers only one degree, a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, and focuses entirely on excellence in undergraduate education.

Unlike conventional universities where students take several classes simultaneously in a semester, at Quest students focus on single “block” courses that run three hours a day, every day, for 3.5 weeks. There are no distractions, no multi-tasking, no competing opportunities pulling students in different directions.

The Block Plan allows students to:


– Continue course discussions and activities from one day to the next without interruptions, allowing for deep and meaningful learning.


– Want to go to Hawaii to study volcanoes for two weeks as part of a geology class? Or take an all day trip to the Vancouver Art Museum for an art class? The Block Plan ensures you can participate in course activities fully without competing interests.


– With two 16-week semesters consisting of four blocks each, and two further blocks in the summer, you can create a course schedule that works for you. Choose which months you wish to be on campus, and which months you wish to travel, work, or pursue other learning opportunities.